Application studies

 Construction plans

 Implementation plans

arrow Application studies

  For the construction of any project it is necessary the study and the relative preparation on a technical level. Therefore we follow some essential steps which lead us to full implementation. 



arrow Implementation schedule

 Based on the client’s project implementation schedule, we adapt our production process and the construction site works, to be within the allotted time of project’s implementation, taking into consideration the various parameters that could influence the implementation.



arrow Construction plans

 The Planning Department of our company is studying and analyzing the general project plans, while it may propose structural solutions to attain the best possible result. Thereby we ensure the perfect and detailed analysis of the single segments of the project so then it can executed with absolute precision.



arrow Implementation plans

 The application plans are issued in order to achieve a complete and correct installation of the  individual parts and materials on construction site. These are considered to be the guide for the perfect implementation of the work and the final delivery project.





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