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 "Taxiarchis Construct"  by applying the necessary procedures, it guarantees the best result of the steel structures.


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 One of the most important quality elements of a steel construction is the selection of raw materials (steel, welding wire, colors, etc.). The company selects its suppliers with strict criteria and all materials we use possess the necessary quality certificates.



arrow Manufacture at the factory

 The implementation process of steel structures at  ΄΄Taxiarchis Construct΄΄   includes several stages of vertically integrated production, for better, safer and sooner implementation of individual operations specified in construction plans.
 In the cutting process, pieces are being cut (beams, flats, plates, accessories, etc.) to the exact dimensions and quantities and codified with manufacturing code.
 After follows the process of drilling to the prescribed distances. 
 Afterwards is the editing of individual segments in the right places and coding is completed.
 Then, the finished parts pass the stage where the welds are welded by automatic welding machines by experienced graduates welders.
 The last stage of the implementation of the steel construction is antirust and fire protection which is in a covered area, in suitable temperature and with modern machines. The steel surface is cleaned by sandblasting and then the predicted coats of primer and paint are applied.
 At each stage of structure implementation the required quality check is carried in manufacturing parts.


arrow Storage - transport

 The finished products are stored in a place with the appropriate conditions. Based on the project implementation schedule they are uploaded and transported to the construction site on time.



arrow Unloadings

 Care is taken for the careful unloading and temporary storage of finished construction parts at a predefined location at the construction site until they get installed in their final position.



arrow Erection

 There is always a responsible of our company present at the worksite for the detailed checking of the correct, safe, well and artistic implementation of construction works within the specified timescale. All the necessary safety measures are taken into account, both for worker safety and for the safety of materials. Guided by the construction-installation study the complete and correct positioning of individual segments of the project or construction is being accomplished.



arrow Final delivery

 After the final quality check of the responsible of our company at the worksite is the final delivery of the construction to the customer.




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